Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekly Review Jan. 15th to Jan. 21st

This past week has been a sparse one for RPG theory developments. After dangerous ideas and push/pull dynamics, the current topic of interest dwells on the social agreements of play.

Knowing Your Boundaries

Meguey Baker brought up the topic first discussing the difference between I Will Not Abandon You (IWNAY) and Nobody Gets Hurt (NGH), namely that a promise to stick with what happens means you cannot expect social protection from emotional injury. A further level was suggested in To The Pain (TTP), where everything short of emotional injury is encouraged.

From this discussion of social boundaries, Ginger offered another category describing the difference between hard boundaries, and boundaries which can be crossed when the opportunity has been earned, as she puts it, "Earn Me Going With You". On the other hand, John Kim presented some of the history of these types of agreements in RPGs.

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