Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekly Review Mar. 26th to Apr. 1st

This week has seen a series of simple additions and clarifications, rather than whole-cloth developments.

Adding Some Structure

Chris Chinn offers a more visual structure to relate to modern theory. Putting together his ideas as well as others, he presents a pyramid structure, approaching the nebulous idea of what really matters. From an entirely different side, Emily Care Boss describes how different forms of literature, from the short story to the novel series, are reflected in the design and play of RPGs.

Taking Some Precautions

Rising from the discussion of unsafe RPGs, Ben Lehman argues that the correct interpretation ought to be that RPGs which risk players emotional and social state, should have an idea of safety. This, he suggests, requires that such play be described as dangerous, rather than unsafe, allowing for the discussion of safety within the danger, rather than confounding safe practice with the decision to simply not play. A little later, Ron Edwards put out a call for Drills, simple fragments of RPGs which can be used to practice or warm-up for actual play.

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