Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekly Review Nov. 19th to Nov. 25th

Rather than a mass of theory development this week has seen the building of infrastructure, such a new RPG forum, Gamecraft.


Adam Dray proposes a way of exploring theory using design. Specifically designing RPGs as minimal objects meeting the requirements of a given theory, in his case the Big Model.

Support, not Pull

Jonathon Walton comes to a realization about a behavior he refers to as making others awesome, specifically supporting other players and improving their play. He distinguishes this from pull, which while cooperative is distinct from the broad motives of supportive play.

The Matter of System

Over at the Forge, Mike Holmes began a thread examining the "system matters" perspective in terms of both traditional and more expansive definitions of system. Among other suggestions is that player culture can matter as much as system.

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