Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekly Review - Mar. 25 to Apr. 1

Brain Damage

Chris Lehrich posts a provocative analysis of a Forge thread discussing Ron Edward's Brain Damage hypothesis. Does Edwards really reject postmodernism? Are his critiques of story really incompatible with that style of literary analysis? Lehrich and commentators examine these and other questions.

Game-Chef Over

The Game-Chef competition officially ended at midnight, Monday morning. See this thread to get a look at some of the entries.

Narrativism Limitations

Carl Cravens at The Raven's Mutterings examines why he dislikes independent Narrative games. Do such games have a tendency to produce binary outcomes? Is not being able to alter outcomes through character interaction with the game a strength or a weakness?


Monkey Do, Monkey See discusses the effect personal historical knowledge has on enjoyment of the HBO series "Deadwood". This anecdotal evidence may be useful in understanding how fictional narrative games are appreciated. Story-oriented games often require that players know the stakes involved, the ultimate outcome of conflicts, and the fate of characters long before the characters themselves know these things. How does this affect the appreciation of the story being created?

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