Friday, May 25, 2007

Editorial: Most Theoryful Game Chef RPG of 2007

We are proud to announce that the most theoryful winner for Game Chef 2007 has been selected.

Most Theoryful RPG of Game Chef 2007:

Schizonauts by Fred Hicks

Runners-up: (in no particular order)

The Book of Threads by Jeff R.

Department Nine by Nick Wedig

ACTS by Nick Grant

A Penny For My Thoughts by Paul Tevis

This was a difficult decision for us, as there were a variety of RPGs contributed that showed depth of thought about role-playing itself and tried to reflect that depth in their designs.

We will post a full literature review on the winner's game, and the winner receives a playtest of a game of his choice. The runners-up will receive shorter literature reviews of their games as well. Literature reviews will showcase the RPG theory elements of the games.

We at RPG Theory Review thank all participants, both of this competition, and of Game Chef in general.

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Fred said...

Thanks a bunch, Mendel!

Do we need to hash out some details in email or somethin'? You can reach me at evilhat AT gmail DOT com