Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekly Review January 13th to January 19th

This week has seen several developments in RPG theory.

Integral Model

Over at I would knife fight a man, Karl Maxwell Higly has begun to talk about an alternate model for RPG theory. Attempting to combine insights from motivation-based theory and the Big Model, his Integral Model combines the two axes of internal/external and individual/collective with a hierarchy inspired by the scopes of the Big Model. He describes cyclic dynamics passing through each dimension of this model, forming patterns which lead to higher level layers and subsequently more patterns.

In the Support of Story

Rich Warren describes a way to look at tactical play and consistent fiction as part of the production of stories in RPGs. He argues that both of these behaviors can actively aid the process of making a story, provided they do not become overwhelming.

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rgrassi said...

I've also started a "unified model for roleplaying", already posted at the forge.
Hope it interests you.