Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekly Review Feb. 26th to Mar. 4th

This week RPG theory continues quietly, receiving an infusion of ideas from some related disciplines.

Decisions and consequences

Joshua Bishop Roy offers an insight about decisions which matter. Decisions need consequences, and he suggests the best way to ensure actual consequences is for them to be present in a tangible way. This constrasts with his mention of play which focuses on purely fictional consequences, as well as play which seems to downplay the decisions entirely.

Articles Just Outside

Several articles and offerings have appeared among RPG theorists, from such various sources as computer game design, cultural studies, and music theory. John Kim points to two such collections, one the Skotos Archive, and the other a collection of articles discussing contemporary culture and games, Reconstruction 6.1. On the other hand, Adam Dray directs us to an article that gives some very new ideas about rewards and their cycles, based on computer games and music down at Lost Garden.

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