Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekly Review Apr. 23rd to Apr. 29th

This past week has contained several discussions pertaining to RPG theory, whether bringing up new ideas, clarifying old ones, or seeking insight from related fields.


Mark Woodhouse began a discussion of the history of the playsheet, the various aids and note sheets used in play. He sees the movement from the numerical list character sheet to simpler "index card" characters amidst notes, as the beginning of other avenues of evolution.

The Question of Incoherence

Chris Chinn offered an explanation of incoherence, as a concept and as he describes it the bane of enjoyable play. As he puts it, incoherence happens "when people come to the table and AREN'T on the same page about the point of play or what is the 'stuff that matters'." Elliot Wilen, in a very different manner, puts forward a contrary perspective on incoherence.

Serious Games

Over on Story Games is a major discussion due to a conference, the Serious Games Summit. In particular, the discussion centers on how then theory of practical games for simulation and training, relates to RPG theory. Also, the question of assessment is broached. Could assessing the quality or utility of play be of some use for RPG theory and design?


Elliot Wilen said...

Thanks for the reference. Two points.

1) ELLiot.
2) Actually, the point of my little piece wasn't incoherence per se, but the relationship between incoherence and (so called) incoherent design.

Mendel Schmiedekamp said...

Corrected the mispelling, and thank you for the clarification.