Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekly Review May 7th to May 13th

The major development for this week has been yet another revival of the push and pull discussion. In parallel, has been the organization of some tools for play and design.

Push and Pull

The discussion of push and pull first escalated this week with, Joshua BishopRoby presenting his difficulties with the terms and their use. A little while later, Chris Chinn invited Moyra Turkington, who introduced the terms, to a dialogue on the subject. After this dialogue, Moyra presented a conclusive definition for push and pull at story games. Push was defined as the use of individual authority, while pull was defined as soliciting for collaborative input.

In the midst of these developments other views were presented on push and pull. Thomas Robertson discusses various issues about push, pull, and authority, including other ways to influence the use of authority in play. Also, Jonathan Walton sends out a plea to keep push and pull from becoming technical jargon, a process all too common in RPG theory.

Tools At Your Disposal

Troy Costisick enumerates four ways in which character death can benefit players. His approaches span from atmospheric to player goal fulfillment. Also this week, Joshua BishopRoby has finished compiling an elaborate list of skills used to play RPGs, broken down by such various categories as creative, reasoning, and game skills.

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