Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekly Review May 28st to Jun. 3rd

This week has been fairly sparse in RPG theory developments, in definite contrast with last weeks sudden influx.

RPG Goals

Thor Olavsrud re-examines the relationship between goals and RPGs. In particular he applies some classifications in computer games to RPG structure, suggesting that the delineation between game and simulation may be a relevant one for RPG theory as well, focusing on the presence of win conditions for the former, but not the later.

Playing without the Rules

Thomas Robertson argues that non-freeform games operate by players granting a portion of the group authority to the rules themselves. He compares this to the rules becoming virtually an additional player, and a stabilizing influence on the game. Without this influence, more dynamic allocations of authority are possible, and he suggests that this makes freeform play both difficult and worthwhile.

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