Friday, July 14, 2006

Lesson: Exercise 1 - Character

Define character in your own terms.

Go ahead, write that down.

Now consider which of the following you would consider to be characters, and which you wouldn't. How well does your definition fit what you wanted?

- Your self.

- The other players.

- A person who never actually appears in the events of play.

- A storm described as having a personality.

- A person who turns out to be a fiction in play, even after appearing.

- The social role you adopt when you are around the people you play with.

Now think of one of the border cases, something that is only barely a character, or only barely not a character. Now write down a second definition of character, for which the border case behaves differently, try to make it a good one as well.

Now which one do you think is better? Why?

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Well, let's see your version.