Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekly Review Jul. 9th to Jul. 15th

This week has seem some continuations of themes from the past, some more directly than others.

Electronic Media

Tony Dowler discusses designing narrative games for electronic media. In particular he discusses some of the unique capabilities of electronic games, such as collaborative ratings, and how those might produce the social elements needed to create a narrative.

More Immersion

In response to some of last week's discussion Moyra Turkington presents three literary ideas as they apply to immersion. Catharsis being a sense of purification from identifying with a tragic figure. Kairosis being a sense of integration with a character's moment of transition. Kenosis being an abandonment of ego in literature, especially poetic. She suggests that these describe three key types of immersion. Elsewhere, Thomas Robertson asks his readers what immersion means to them.


Brian Hollenbeck presents his revised AGE (Art, Game, Emulation) theory of RPGs. Of note, he has refined emulation as it pertains to his theory, as well as adding six forces which push play along the triangle of art - game - emulation.

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