Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekly Review Nov. 26th to Dec. 2nd

A generally quiet blogsphere produced several points of interest, including the following:

Dangerous Play

Yudhishthira's Dice presents an analysis of the concept of "dangerous play", with examples of specific cases where players found a game or its implementation to be dangerous. Powerful emotional associations seem to be key.

Setting, Part II

Socratic Design returns to the concept of Setting in part two of an ongoing series. In this segment, Troy Costisick expands his understanding and listing of Setting Aspects, then defines and explains each Aspect.

Gaming the System

In a curious thread on the Gamecraft forum, Kyle Aaron suggests that negative reviews and criticism are more valuable at increasing game sales than positive reviews and praise.

Seductive Theory

On another Gamecraft thread, TonyLB examines the perils of delving too deeply into RPG theory.

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