Friday, December 29, 2006

Yearly Review 2006: Lists - Part One

Five Most Prolific Contributors:

1) Thomas Robertson - Thomas' contributions have included a variety of topics, most notably the structure of RPG mediums.

2) Joshua BishopRoby - Joshua's work tends to focus on stories within RPGs.

3) Moyra Turkington - Moyra has made several specific contributions, including Push and Pull, the sockets perspective of RPGs, and categorizing spectrums of player behavior.

4) Brian Hollenbeck - Brian's main development has been the AGE (Art, Game, Emulation) model of RPGs.

5) John Kim - John has contributed to numerous discussions, with a special focus on inclusiveness in RPGs.


Guy said...

I had 3 mentions, and one more via John Kim's blog.

Joshua BishopRoby said...


Wait... what?