Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekly Review Jan. 14th to Jan. 20th

While this week has seen a few promises to return to more active posting and discussions about theory-related communities, only a few developments occurred.

Character Failure

Over at Story Games, is a discussion about character failure and player investment in the outcome of character attempts. One distinction is made about when characters have multiple and success and failure are mixed, making the decisions more meaningful. Another is made about how most RPGs give players to choice to have characters fail, which makes it more difficult for a player to make interesting choices leading to the character's failure.

Genres of Theory

Fang Langford discusses the idea of genres of theory, specifically suggesting that GNS and it's approach to theory is only one such genre. Bradley "Brand" Robins follows this up in a comment with a listing of possible genres of RPG theory.

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