Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekly Review August 19th to August 25th

This week has seen some developments in RPG theory, from looking at older theory concepts to looking at the contractual aspects of game systems.

A Change in Status

Graham Walmsley discusses the utility of status changes in the construction of stories. He specifically offers this as the beginning of a series of articles on improvisation techniques for use in RPGs.

Rules as Contract

Rich Warren describes the difficulties that can arise from modifying system before or during play. Specifically he characterizes the way in which the game mechanics of a RPG can act as a contract among the players and the GM.

Unreconcilable Goals

Over at I would knife fight a man is a thread focusing on various unreconcilable goals that arise in RPGs. It starts with the "Impossible Thing Before Breakfast" (which, curiously enough, is not something you should believe), described as the inability to have the GM author the story and the players control the protagonists. It also discusses the "Method Actor Trap" where a group of method actors all share a goal of a coherent story, but expect it to arise without any constraints on their characters.

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Valvorik said...

The I would knife fight that man thread in respect of "Method Acting" covers some similar ground to what is discussed in Chapter 2 of Push by John H. Kim "Immersive Story Methods" in terms of how in each group for each character to be an ongoing protagonist each character must also be played to be an ongoing supporting character and these identities must co-exist.

"My guy" must be constructed and played to help "your guy" be "your guy"