Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekly Review December 2nd to December 8th

This week has seen a continuation of some of the theory developments last week, especially focusing on discussions at I would knife fight a man.

Adventure Focused

Algi develops an adventure description language for constructing and codifying the situations in play. He suggests that this level has been largely ignored by RPG theory, and has a significant influence on how we play.

Undirected Play

Over at I would knife fight a man is a discussion about the Forge concept of Zilchplay. This is expanded and described as play which lacks direction, whether that direction is consistent or inconsistent.

Big Model Talk

Elsewhere on I would knife fight a man, Ben Lehman and Jessica Hammer have entered into a one-on-one discussion on the Forge theory and culture. This includes such topics as creative agenda, tinkering and house rules, and how the Forge community approaches theory.

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