Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekly Review November 25th to December 1st

Different perspectives can often provide useful ways to break from existing patterns of theory. This week has seen several of these.

Larp Resources

Over at RPGnet is a discussion on contested resources and larp dynamics. Some participants suggest that limited resources can be designed to produce good long term conflicts between characters, while others suggest that it produces negative situations during play. Still others suggest that resource struggles will occur naturally over long playing larps, even if it is only emergent status or story control.

Creative Enjoyments

Over at I would knife fight a man, Levi Kornelsen began a thread comparing his recent work with goals with creative agendas in Forge models. The culmination is to disambiguate the player-level, enjoyment-focused theories of Kornelsen and others from the group-level creative aesthetic which makes up a creative agenda. While the two approaches to describing how people play RPGs work on different levels, they may yet influence and further each other.


Hamish said...

Does this blog have an RSS feed?

Mendel Schmiedekamp said...

This should work.